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We are located in the village of Chancol, in the Chiantla district of the department of Huehuetenango (5h30 drive from the capital - coffee breaks not included - or 1 hour drive from the city of Huehuetenango).

By car

Any type of car can arrive, it is not necessary to have a four wheels drive.

If you come by the Pan-American road, you will cross Chimaltentango, Los Encuentros, Cuatro Caminos and before arriving at Huehue, you will find a label which indicates Chiantla. This derivation is a little longer but allows you to avoid crossing the city of Huehue which is useful at the end of afternoon in rush hours! Otherwise, cross Huehue looking for Chiantla (almost inexistent labels of course …), neighboring city of Huehue.

If you wish to vary the itinerary, it exists a nice and little used alternating road (preferently at dry time because of landslides and during the day because it is not very used), that raises from Los Encuentros, crosses Chichicastenango, Sta Cruz del Quiché, San Pedro Jocopilas and arrives in Chiantla by a road you will take on your left some 25 mns after Sta Cruz del Quiché (towards the right it continues to Sacapulas). Count 3h15 from Los Encuentros to Chancol.

From Chiantla, take the paved road to the "cumbre" or summit, it means follow any signal indicating Todos Santos, Soloma or Barillas. After some twelve kilometers uphill, you will see a place called the "mirador"; 1km after the mirador, arriving at the summit, at the kilometer 281, there is a small village called "La Capellanía". In La Capellanía, instead of following the paved road  to the left (that leads to Paquix, Todos Santos, Barillas as well as other towns), take the dirty road on the right and continue for 6 kilometers. Be pending of our small blue arrows !! We are at the end of a long plateau and visible from a short distance. If in doubt ask the way to “Chancol”, "Fernando y Paulina," or "los de los caballos" (the people with the horses), or, of course, call us.

Without car

We are located in the village of Chancol, district of Chiantla, department of Huehuetenango (at 5h30-6h by car from the capital or 50 mn from the city of Huehuetenango).

  • From Guatemala City there are different Pullman-style bus companies which travel to Huehuetenango. For example the "Halcones" company (Calzada Roosevelt, 37-47, zona 11, near the "Curacao" - tel leaves three times a day: 7:00 am, 2:00 pm and 5:00pm). Price in octuber 2008 : 65 Q. The "Linea Dorada" and "Zaculeu Futura" are other options.
  • You also have small shuttles from Quetzaltenango and Panajachel (call Adrenalina Tours,
  • From Huehuetenango, there are two options. You can arrange for us to pick you up (280 Q for the trip) or you can get closer to us via bus. If you come by bus, start at the main bus "terminal" in Huehuetenango (a bit outside of the town center) or where the buses run to Chiantla from the “El Calvario” neighborhood of Huehuetenango, about four blocks from Huehuetenango’s central park. From either place take any bus headed towards the “cumbre” or summit. These buses include those headed to the towns of Todos Santos, Soloma, and Barillas, among others. Ask to get off in the village of “La Capellanía" - 1km after the  “mirador". We are located 6 kilometers from this drop-off point and if you have let us know beforehand we can easily pick you up (Q 45 for the trip) or give you the contact with a local “taxi”.