Other activities

View from our mirador

Apart from horseback riding, an activity highly recommended is relaxing…A good book while being distracted by the sunset from the patio, a little contemplation from our private lookout with a panorama of 180 degrees which takes in the chain of volcanoes from those of Antigua to Tajumuco, or a board game at night close to the fire…Now, if you insist on moving, we suggest…

Walks / Trekking

The region lends itself to beautiful walks of a duration and difficulty which you desire, all of which are interesting and have incredible views. We can recommend itineraries close by so that you can go on your own account, or, if you wish, put a guide to your disposal.

If you want to see more, and love to walk, we recommend two incredible walks, both of which are feasible to do within one day.

Wa Walk to the highest point of the Cuchumatanes (approx. 4 hours return) in a spectacular protected area which culminates to a height of 3 800 metres. With a Spanish speaking or quad lingual guide, And if you need, we can provide transport from Unicornio Azul to the starting point of the walk (30 mins in car).

Walk from Todos Santos Cuchumantán to San Juan Atitán (approx. 5 hours walking plus 3h30 of transport), another mam district, rich in colours with one of the most beautiful suits of Guatemala. With a quad lingual guide. We can provide transport to Todos Santos and pick you up in San Juan Atitán to take you back to Unicornio Azul (or leave you in Huehuetenango if it is your last day).

See some walks!

Mountain bike rides

If you are fanatic about mountain biking and don’t bring your own, we have some to hire (30 Q/hour). We can also suggest a local guide so that you can fully take advantage of your ride.

Bird watching

If you are bird lover, you will be able to walk through the surroundings or sit in our small woodlands to admire them. Without a doubt, you will find various types of hummingbirds around the red "kniphofia" plants, all types of warblers (including the pink headed warbler and the yellow-rumped Goldman warbler), woodpeckers, jays, vireos, thrushes, the yellow-eyed junco, hawks, orioles, the American kestrel among others. If you would like us to send you our check-list, it is at your disposal.

Botany lovers will identify trees typical of the region like the Huito (Juniperus Standley), twisted like a bonsai and endemic of the region, different types of pine and cypress and other local species, the tall Q’anaq, the Aliso, the Encino, the Saúco of many virtues, the Sacumis with silver leaves (buddleia nitida), the strange Chulube (Arbutus donnellsmithi) and various species of land orchids among others.

Pink headed warbler

Northen flicker

Yellow rumped Goldman warblión

See our (very preliminar) check-list of birds!

Tours within the region

You can also do a few excursions in car around the region, like to the Magdalena Lake or the market of Todos Santos Cuchumatán. (Saturday morning). If you don’t have an appropriate vehicle, Unicornio Azul can take you and organise a day with picnic in Magdalena or in the summit of the Cuchumatanes or other places we know. Consult us for more information.

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