Finca Chacula Lodge

Posada Finca Chaculá is a sister, but different, guest house from Unicornio Azul located in the Huista Region, in Huehuetenango.

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Nestled in the northeast foothills of the Cuchumatanes Sierra Mountains, the Huista region holds many intriguing surprises.  The sacred corn mentioned in the ancient Mayan text of the Popul Wuj probably had its origin here and prehistoric rock paintings and numerous unexplored archeological sites indicate its rich history.  The rushing blue rivers and blue-green cenote natural pools, the dizzying Cimmerón sinkhole where one peers 150 meters down to its tree-lined floor, or the magical Lake Yolnajab with expansive turquoise waters are all reasons to explore this region with some of Guatemala’s most beautiful scenery.

After a hike through the arid and prickly chaparral landscape or lowland tropical forest or after a dip in the lake, the Posada Chaculá offers a delightful and peaceful refuge.  Dining in front of the majestic fireplace is social time and the firelight dances off the walls of the venerable Hacienda main house, filled with history and legends.  Its three romantic guest rooms evoke a century ago with the silence outside only broken by the wind in the trees.


Near the historic main Casona house is the simpler Cabana hosting six single beds and a private bath, which is perfect for groups.


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Those seeking challenges and adventures will have to pick between the varied offerings for their excursions: archeological sites, a sacred cave, Lake Yolnajab and natural pools (cenotes) hidden in the hills. The Montebello Lakes in Chiapas, just on the other side of the Mexican border, beckon as well.  A steam bath in the traditional and therapeutic temascal will perfectly cap a memorable day and still leave time in the evening to hear a concert of music of the Maya-Popti people. 

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We are a community of 210 families native of different places of the department of Huehuetenango. In the 80s as a result of the armed internal conflict that hit the country and our department in particular, we had to flee to Mexico who gave us asylum. There, we felt nostalgic and that many things were missing; however, with a lot of support from our Mexican brothers and the international community, we acquired new and consequential experiences and better capacity for organization. In January of 1994, we decided to return to Guatemala and thanks to credit grant from FONAPAZ we were able to purchase the Chaculá farmland.

After the first few years were used to attend to the basic needs of our families and our community, we decided now to start a sustainable community tourism project. This project would allow the creation of various jobs and generate income not only for our cooperative but also in order to maintain the natural and historical heritage which is bestowed upon us to preserve. This includes hundreds of hectares of forest, archaeological Mayan ruins, the historical hacienda, principal water sources etc…To help us achieve our goals, the community chose to trust in the continuous technical consultation from Unicornio Azul, which is a familiar business with more than seventeen years of experience in tourism in the region and personal commitment to us.


With own car:

The Posada Finca Chaculá is found in the village of ‘Nueva Esperanza Chaculá’ located in the township of Nentón, Huehuetenango. It is 160 kilometres (2 ½ hours in car) from Huehuetenango. Access to Chaculá is from the asphalt road - which branches off from the Pan-American at Camojá - goes up through Nentón towards Gracias a Dios/Carmen Xan. A little before arriving to Gracias a Dios, go a little off course at Trinidad by turning right and continue 11 kilometres along a dirt road in the direction of Lake Brava, passing through Las Palmas and Chaculá. You can also arrive by crossing part of the Cuchumatanes, passing through Todos Santos Cuchumatán.

In bus:

Leave for "Chiantlequita" from the bus terminal in Huehuetenango:

  • At 13.00 hours to Yalambojotch - get off in Chaculá.
  • At 12.30 hours to Gracias a Dios - get off in Trinidad and make a transfer or request to be picked up from there.


You can contact us at the following email: or call us at : (502)

The team at the Posada Finca Chaculá will be expecting you!