Do I have to know to horse ride to go on the trips ?

It is not indispensable- although it would be better of course- that you know how to ride to go on one the trips of one or two hours. An appropriate horse and itinerary will be chosen for you according to your experience. However, keep in mind that for the purposes of safety and manageability of the group there is an acceptable maximum of beginners per group.

Now, for the trips of various days it is indispensable that you know how to horse ride (the general rule is that you have taken riding classes and at least be totally comfortable with walk, trot and canter over rough terrain.

What would be the price of a night's stay in the high season if I dont't want to ride?

In high season the price of the night automatically includes breakfast and an hour’s ride whether it is used or not- that is; a one hour trip is minimum use of the equestrian centre that we are. It is like asking how much the entrance fee to a pool is if one doesn’t want to swim. But it is most likely that although horse riding didn’t interest you, you will discover it and enjoy it a lot!

However, precisely for the convenience of those who ask this question, we have established a price in low season which doesnot include this hour of horse riding. But just to let you know, you will regret it!

How cold is it? Is there heating?

A question we usually get from our Guatemalan friends...Firstly, the matter regarding the cold is relative and depends on the person and what he or she is looking for. If you are looking for somewhere hot, then this is definitely not the place you will find it. Here we are in the Sierra, at 3000 metres high. The air is always relatively cold (between 10 and 20 degrees in the day); the clouds, the night or the wind accentuate this sensation whereas the sun, which is very strong, decreases it significantly. The issue also has a lot to do with state of mind, if you have a certain resistance and motivation to go to the mountains or not. In any case, it is important that you come with appropriate clothing in order to feel comfortable.

To date, there is no heating in the rooms because we are a guest house in the mountains not a luxurious hotel. However we do light a fire every afternoon in the common room (the human heat always helps as well!). Moreover, in every bed you will find five thick blankets and a lovely hot water bottle to heat you up so you will sleep well.

Do we accept kids?

Children are always welcome, when, under the supervision and responsibility of their parents, respect and take care of:

  • The house, including its equipment and decorations, the plants as well as the animals.
  • The peace and space of the other guests.

Under these obvious norms of coexistence, they will surely enjoy the countryside, the company of the animals and hiding behind the rocks.

Are small beginner children able to horse ride?

Normally we accept per trip a maximum of one beginner with a minimum of 6 years old and another of 8 years old or above. But please note that these trips have a minimum of an hour in rough terrain and the children must lead their horses themselves (under our advice and supervision). We do not do ‘joyrides’, but we may make an exception for the children of guest whom are too young to ride.

Are there prices for children?

There are no special prices for kids. We have only 5 rooms and kids use the services (bed, water- which is very scarce- space in the common room) as much as (or sometimes more!) an adult. And if they are going to horse ride it is an even bigger responsibility/difficulty for us. However, if it is a big group with small children, ask us, we can come up with a special price depending on how you are distributed among the rooms.

Is there a restaurant?

No, there isn’t a restaurant but you are welcome to join us for the homemade meal of the day. This service is exclusively for guests. If you have some alimentary restrictions, please let us know to be able to respond correctly.

What happens if I have alimentary restrictions?

If you inform us with time, we can do a vegetarian menu o adapted to other situation.

Can I bring my dog?

Because of the numerous implications it would have with our own dogs (competitiveness over who marks the most territory, who barks more or the risks of fights for example...) and for the peace and comfort of the other guests, we are sorry but we can’t receive your dog.