Educational space and of leisures

Uncontrolled population growth, educational vacuum, lack of employment, the economic and cultural impact of immigration as well as the abscence of leisure activities and distractions, are generators of frustration in a youth stretched between their roots and their way of rural life on one hand, and the attraction exercised by our globalized consumer society, on the other hand.

Unicornio Azul had as a goal to promote the creation of a space that through entertainment ('intelligent' movies, educative games, library, varied activities) increased knowledge, better criteria, better personal balance, better opportunities, acquisition of more healthy and responsible lifestyles etc...

At the end of 2010, a group of young people of our community with the concern of "doing something" took the initiative to visit us.  From discussions held with them, was agreed to open a library. They obtained a local of the community for two years and took turns on a voluntary basis to open it. Through generous customers and our friends as well as Child-Aid Organization, the library obtained his first books. In 2013, to not be able to dispose the communal local, there was not choice but to jump into the water. Unicornio Azul made available an area of his property. A couple of generous clients and friends and the travel agency Adrenalina Tours, financed the construction material for an own local which was built by Unicornio Azul. The new library born at the end of 2013, debuting at the same time with a part-time salaried librarian financed by another friend travel agency : Viaventure Central America. Since then, the library receives children who come to read or play, students who come for research or "vocational stays", offers every Sunday reading activity "La Hora del Cuento", organized during school holidays the "Reading Adventure" program and organizes, each time as possible, conferences about different topics.